Royal Rods RK-5207 connecting rod for Kawasaki KX250 78-01

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SKU: RL-KX250-78-01
ROYAL ROD gives you the best riding performance without sacrificing the stability. One of the best brands in the market one can find. Win your race without your opponents knowing why.
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  • Part Number: RK-5207
  • Brand Model: Kawasaki KX250 (78-01)
  • Material: double forged heavy duty AISA or SCM420H case harden chromoly
  • Package: forged rod x 1, big end bearing x 1, small end bearing x 1, crank pin x 1, thrust washer x 2
  • Net Weight: Net Weight:485g, total weight:530g (Total package, included packing)

  • ITEM NO. MODEL A B C D E unit: mm
    RK-5207 KX250 (78-01) 32 22 125 20 22 PIN: Ø24 x 58.5
    WASHER: Ø42 x 24.2
    BIG END BEARING: 24*32*19.8
    SMALL END BEARING: 18*22*23.5