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Carrier Service
Chunghwa Post Standard -Registered
Small Parcel
DHL Worldwide Express
USPS Priority Mail
First-Class Mail
UPS Mail Innovations
FedEx SmartPost
AUS Post Standard
AnPost EXP Parcel
Canada Post Standard Parcels
Expedited Parcels
Royal Mail 1st Class Mail
2nd Class Mail
P2P International Parcels
DPD International Parcels
GLS Express
Toll Priority


Estimated Delivery Time (business days)

Ship Carrier Service Estimated Delivery Time (business days)
Taiwan to Worldwide Chunghwa Post Standard -Registered
Small Parcel
-AU /New Zealand /Asia: 12~16
-US: 12~16
-Canada: 90~120
-UK /France /Germany: 12~20
-Europe /Russia: 25~35
-Brazil /Armenia /Latin America /Africa: 25~50
Express- EMS  -AU / New Zealand / Asia: 5~7
-US /UK: 3~5
-Canada: 4~6
-Europe /Russia: 5~10
-Brazil /Armenia /Latin America /Africa: 20~30
DHL Worldwide Express -US: 2~3
-UK/Germany/AU: 3~5
Globalmail -US /UK /Germany /France /Spain: 12~20
Toll Priotiry -AU: 3~5
US to US US Postal Service Priority Mail 2~3
First-Class Mail 3~5
UPS Mail Innovations 7~10
Ground 3~5
SurePost 7~10
FedEx SmartPost 5~7
Ground 3~5
ONTRAC Ground 5~7
DHL Globalmail /Smartmail 5~7
Canada to Canada US Postal Service Priority Mail 8~15
First-Class Mail 4~10
Canada Post Standard Parcels 5~10
Expedited Parcels 5~7
UK to UK Royal Mail 1st Class Mail 1~2
Royal Mail 2nd Class Mail 2~3
UK to Europe P2P International Parcels 4~8
DPD International Parcels 4~8
Ireland to Europe DHL Globalmail 5~12
AnPost EXP Parcel 5~12
GLS Express 3~5
AU to AU AUS Post Standard 3~6
Toll Priority 2~5
Toll IPEC 3~6