KiWAV Motorcycle Dirt Bike Rim Alloy Lock 1.85

by KiWAV
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SKU: KR-K455-rimlock-185-or
  • Feature
    1. Fits 1.85" width rims.
    2. Super light and impact resistant.
    3. One piece molded design made from special high-strength nylon composite material.
    4. Molded rubber protecting inner tube perfectly, decrease abrasion of inner tube between rim and Tire.
    5. Ribbed alloy surface contact rim surface ensure the tire is securely locked the to rim.
    6. Recommended for use on all off-road machines and any application using low tire pressure.
    7. ome with orange rim lock nut to decorate your wheel rim.
    8. Beveled washer protects rim and provides secure fit.
  • Material
    Rubber + Nylon
  • Color
    Black with Orange Rim Nut
  • Size
    Fit 1.85" width rim
  • Package
    Rim lock x 1, Rim lock nut x 1, beveled washer x 1
  • Net Weight
    80g /0.17lbs
Rim lock size recommendations are based on stock wheel sizes. We recommend you double check your rim size before ordering since aftermarket wheel sizes may vary. The size is generally stamped on the rim.