Stark black bar end mirrors 8mm

by Magazi
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SKU: 100178018507403
  • Feature
    1. Short stem designs for your custom applications.
    2. Unique ball joint, easily adjust this mirror.
    3. 8mm directly bolt-on or extension bolts.
    4. Greatly increased mirror positioning options (up, down, in, out, etc.)
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: *Forged CNC aluminum
    Mirror Stem: *Forged CNC aluminum
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Chrome Convex Lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 760 g./1.67 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 940 g/2.07 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
  • Adjustment
    two adjusting joints for 360 degree
  • Package
    a pair ( Left hand & Right hand ),
    18mm & 14mm expansion bolt x 2,
    bolt & nut x 2, plastic cap x 2
1. Some bikes with solid bar need to drill and tap.
2. Modification might be needed.
Hint: Might need to apply some washers as spacer to avoid contact with grips. (spacers are not included.)