Ultra black bar end mirrors 8mm

by Magazi
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SKU: 100176018590003
  • Feature
    1. Stylish designs for your custom applications.
    2. Unique ball joint, easily adjust this mirror.
    3. Stylish mirror plate gives it better look and feel.
    4. Pair of nicely CNC crafted eye catching almond shape aluminum mirrors.
    5. UltraHB can be mounted in two way, top or bottom.
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: *Forged CNC aluminum
    Mirror Stem: *Forged CNC milled aluminum
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Chrome Convex Lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 585 g./ 1.29 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 890 g./ 1.96 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
  • Adjustment
    two adjusting joints for 360 degree
  • Package
    a pair ( Left hand / Right hand ),
    18mm & 14mm expansion bolt x 2, bolt & nut x 2, rubber cap x 2
Only for outside diameter 7/8" or 1" handlebar with a hollow thread less inner.