Two-tone LED mirrors Lucifer black for BMW

by Magazi
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Lucifer the fallen angel once was god’s favorite son, but he turned out to be a demon and lives between the fire of hell and the pure white sacred beam forever.
The orange and white wing-shape LEDs provide various combinations of driving lights and indicators, which is Lucifer mirrors’ most popular feature.
  • Feature
    1. Two-tone color LED lights, various combinations of driving and indicator lights set up.
    2. Waterproof and dustproof LED modules.
    3. Stylish designs for your custom applications.
    4. Wider vision with convex lens and E-mark approved.
    5. Easy installation.
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: ABS plastic
    Mirror Stem: Aluminum
  • Shape
    Diamond / Other
  • Glass
    Chrome Convex Lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 690 g./ 1.52 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 1215 g/ 2.68 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
    Mirror plate: matt black LED: White: 2 PCS (12V / 0.9W), Amber: 7 PCS (12V / 0.9W)
  • Adjustment
    Fairly adjustable
  • Wire Length
    620mm / 24inch
  • Package
    a pair ( Left hand / Right hand ),
    10MM standard thread bolt x 2 PCS,
    10MM reverse thread bolt x 1 PC,
    8MM standard thread bolt x 2 PCS,
    8MM reverse thread bolt x 1 PC,
    10MM 1.25 pitch to 10MM 1.5 pitch adapter x 2 PCS,
    bolt cap x 2, cable tie x 2
  • Fitment
    For BMW