Oi Flash Controller

a new generation vehicle light controller

Small Add-On, Big Difference!

It changes the original lighting into a lively art performance by combining fade-in / fade-out type and flashing type light with different tempo combinations.

16 Flashing Modes That No One Else Has!

Can be applied to your stop light, turn signal light, hazard light or decoration light.

Shuffle Beat light patternShuffle Beat
Twinkle Twinkle light patternTwinkle Twinkle
Faster Flash light patternFaster Flash
Regular Beat light patternRegular Beat
Hyper light patternHyper
Cautiont light patternCaution
Heart Beat light patternHeart Beat
Crime light patternCrime
Deep Breath light patternDeep Breath
Believer light patternBeliever
Dazzle O light patternDazzle O
Delightful light patternDelightful
Bom Bom Bom light patternBom Bom Bom
O Dazzle light patternO Dazzle
Fade & Jump light patternFade & Jump
Continuous light patternContinuous

Works Both for Halogen & LED Bulbs.

Super-duper easy set up for LED lights. NO LOAD RESISTOR IS NEEDED.

No noise icon

No clicking noise

No more turn signal clicking noise.

Voltage range icon

6.5V to 16V

Operate in the voltage range from 6.5V to 16V. (Suitable for 12V vehicle power system)

Ambient temperature icon

-30°C ~ 85°C

Ambient temperature must not below -20°C (-4°F) and not exceed +85°C (185°F).

It's the Sense of Control

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