anodized black aluminum magnetic oil drain bolt plug M14 x P1.25 FOR ROAD BIKE

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by Magazi
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  • Feature
    1. Reduce the amount of abrasive materials in your engine, extend the life of engine.
    2. Powerful 5000 gauss neodymium magnet, one of the most powerful magnet on the market.
    3. Available in six popular sizes to match most Japanese vehicles.
    4. Clean metallic particles off next time you drain the oil.
    5. Embedded design to ensure the magnet is in place.
    6. For road bike.
  • Material
    Aircraft grade strong aluminum
  • Thread
    M14 x P1.25
  • Fitment
    For road bike, Kawasaki/Yamaha
  • Color
  • Net Weight
    20 g
  • Installation Torque
    20 ft/lbs for all magnetic oil drain plugs.
    Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 20 ft/lbs.
  • Package
    1 Piece
Please make sure you're ordering the correct size you need, we have 6 different sizes oil drain bolt.
This oil drain plug only work for motorcycle.

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