Cyber grips anodized aluminum red trim a pair 25mm&22mm

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by Magazi
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SKU: MG-5041-Cyber-red
aluminum is cold to hold but it's the look what counts.
  • Feature
    1. Simple, sporting and refined.
    2. Magazi grip is full of perfect details with long life racing rubber grip and sophisticated CNC aluminum.
    3. Along with Magazi mirrors, they fit all model and make.
  • Material
    *Thermoplastic Rubber ( TPR ) with anodized aluminum trim
  • Package
    One couple of handlebar grips of right hand and left hand
  • Net Weight
    95 g/ 0.21 lbs
  • Color
    Black with anodized red trim
  • Size
    Left (bar side) hole: inner diameter 22mm (7/8 inch)
    Right (throttle side) hole: inner diameter 25mm (1 inch)
  • Length
    12.6 cm/ 5 inch
*ThermoPlastic Rubber TPR is best described a material which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic.
Typical applications are the hard rubber/plastic soles on many shoes or the rubber/plastic material used on hand tool grips.

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