Wheel black grips with black trim a pair of 22 mm

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by Magazi
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SKU: MG-5030-22-wheel-bblack
It's all about the texture in your palms. That's what Magazi wheel grips tells you.
  • Material :Painted Plastic Black trim with Black Thermoplastic Rubber ( TPR )
    *ThermoPlastic Rubber TPR is best described a material which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic. Typical applications are the hard rubber/plastic soles on many shoes or the rubber/plastic material used on hand tool grips.
  • Color:Black with painted black trim
  • Package includes : One couple of handlebar grips of right hand and left hand.
  • Length : 12cm / 4.7"
  • Left and Right hole : Inner Diameter 22mm (7/8")"
  • Fit for Any motorcycle with 7/8" grip.

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