Cruising on your motorcycle about a couple hours you can feel the pain, the aching of your throttle hand!

The longer you ride the more it hurts, but you have to twist and squeeze the throttle to continue on your ride. What can you do to stop the wrist or hand pain?


Hand wrist pain -1
Hand wrist pain -2
Hand wrist pain -3
Hand wrist pain -4
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 17:00

How to Park Correctly on the Soft Ground?

"Kickstand can and will sink into hot asphalt, pavement, etc. If you don't use a plate, your bike can fall over!"


Motorcycle kickstand on pavement
Motorcycle kickstand sink on pavement
Using KiWAV kickstand pad

Classic Original

A lot of satisfied customers gave their feedback on this mirror:



<What most people like about it>

Ever wondered what the purpose of those two big stubbles at the end of your handlebars is? These are what I thought.

BMW stock mirrors & KiWAV Lucifer mirrors comparison

If you own a BMW motorcycle (F700GS, F650GS, F800GS, F800R, G650GS, S1000R), the bike is satisfying on everything, but one day you want to change the outlook a little bit with your personal style and still has great functionality, you will love this product: Lucifer mirrors (neat stem version) from KiWAV International Inc,.

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