More and more electrical devices are made available for motorcycles, such as USB charger, DVR, GPS, radar detector, heated grips & seats, and auxiliary lights, etc.


It is easy to add only one device. Connect the positive wire to a 12V positive wire from the ignition switch, lighting circuit, etc. then connect the negative wire to a ground connection, and find an appropriate mounting point for the device. Bang, jobs all done.

However, it's a total different story when you install more than 2 devices. It might turn out to be a disaster to add unknown loads to the whole current supply of the motorcycle with the way mentioned above.

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A good TPMS can save your life!

"Don’t become another statistic!
Get a TPMS, be safe, and enjoy the ride"


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KiWAV Full Selection of Sport Bikes Mirrors

Sport bike, a popular motorcycle type that builds for speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering.


sportsbike rider

Unlike street bikes' standard handlebar, sports bikes always equipped with a lower set of hand controls such as clip-on handlebars. This makes the rider's body position forward and his weight over the tank to reach higher speed performance.

sportsbike rider body position



Fairing mount mirrors

The motorcyclist's body position is very low when riding on a sports bike. In order for a motorcyclist to be able to see well, the mirrors are usually fixed at the same level as the rider's eyes vision on both sides of fairings.

Whether this is the first piece or the last piece you're adding to chrome your hand controls, these are a must-have with their smooth lines. These housings accept stock switch caps.

Add KiWAV Handlebar Control Dress-Up Kit and you'll have everything you need to complete your family of chrome hand controls. Black hand controls with smooth lines are also available.

Cruising on your motorcycle about a couple hours you can feel the pain, the aching of your throttle hand!

The longer you ride the more it hurts, but you have to twist and squeeze the throttle to continue on your ride. What can you do to stop the wrist or hand pain?


Hand wrist pain -1
Hand wrist pain -2
Hand wrist pain -3
Hand wrist pain -4
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How to Park Correctly on the Soft Ground?

"Kickstand can and will sink into hot asphalt, pavement, etc. If you don't use a plate, your bike can fall over!"


Motorcycle kickstand on pavement
Motorcycle kickstand sink on pavement
Using KiWAV kickstand pad
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