How to install a mirror on your bike? Not sure which bolt should you choose?

Here is a Video Tutorial for you!

How to make a hole through a rounded surface?

To replace a stock handlebar with a new one, you will need to drill new holes into the new handlebar.

There are always holes into stock bars to keep the controls from twisting. Control assemblies have tabs that fit in the holes. It’s very difficult to make a hole through a rounded surface, the drill bit or the handlebar itself will wander away easily. You can try to make a punch mark first so the drill bit will not get so far away. But the handlebar will roll away from you still, it will be frustrating if you try to hold the handlebar in place.

You can use a V-block or a bench vise to help you finish this job. Or you can try KiWAV handlebar drill tool.

KiWAV guide: why my turn signals/ lights don't work?

You'll have to get down to some semi serious electrical troubleshooting. Prepare yourself, because this can get a little frustrating. Tracking down a loose wire or a ground that isn't grounding can be a pain in the neck. But fixing faulty wire grounds is inexpensive and just requires a bit of patience, so let's get to it.

One cruicial tip you don’t wanna miss to make your LED mirrors live longer.

Example: KiWAV Lucifer Dual-LED Mirrors for Motorcycles


Install the mirror onto your motorcycle before taping the wire.

This is what the electrical wiring looks like inside the mirror.
It’s not tangled, and some buffer has been left just in case.

  1. Clean and dry surface of gauge(2).
  2. Apply some double sided tape (not included) to trim ring(1).
  3. Before peeling off adhesive back, run and test fit by trim ring(1) onto gauge(2).
NOTE:Recommend to use 3M VHB double sided tape ( not included ).


KiWAV 5 inch Speedometer Trim Ring Visor cover aluminum matte black     KiWAV 5 inch Speedometer Trim Ring Visor cover aluminum chrome plated

  1. Remove the old mirror and nut Retain the original internal tooth lock-washer.
  2. Install new mirror stem through hand control assembly.
  3. Install flat washer (1) on top of hand control assembly to stabilize mirror stem.
  4. Slide mirror power led wire (gray) through ground wire ring terminal (2) then install ring terminal on mirror stem.
  5. Slide mirror power lead wire (gray) through wire guard (3), then install wire guard on mirror stem.
  6. Install flat washer (4) from kit on mirror stem.
  7. Install acorn nut (5) on mirror stem.
  8. Tighten to 8-12 ftlbs (10.8-16.3 Nm). Do not over-tighten.
  9. Check mirror adjustment and reposition if necessary.
Be sure wire exiting mirror stem is positioned in wire guard so it does not get crushed by hardware.


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  1. To install the new dipstick, simply unscrew the stock unit, and wipe the oil from the stick as it comes out of the tank, so you don't spill any on the exhaust.
  2. The stock dipstick measures oil level by the residue of oil on the stick's marks, where the residue stops indicates the oil level.
    You can add oil to achieve the correct level as described in your owner's manual.


KiWAV Oil dipstick with skull cap for Harley Davidson 3 3/4 inches     KiWAV Oil dipstick with skull cap for Harley Davidson 7 inches

  1. Remove the old mirror assemblies from the bike.
  2. Install new mirror to hand control assembly (as Figure 1) with M6 allen key.
  3. Adjust the mirror for proper field of vision and tighten the part (1) (in Figure 2) with M2.5 allen key.
  4. Check mirror adjustment and reposition if necessary.


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Magazi Tulip red universal motorcycle scooter mirrors     Magazi motorcycle mirrors for scooter universal matte black     Magazi motorcycle mirrors for scooter universal blue

  1. Remove the old mirror assemblies from the bike.
  2. Place the new mirror assembly in place and insert the provided hardware (Figure 1.) through the mount and into the mounting holes on the bike.
  3. Adjust the mirror as desired. As shown in Figure 2., there are multiple adjustments on the mirror, loosen the screws and adjust as desired.
Modifications might be required depending on the make and model of the motorcycle.



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