Axe chrome LED mirrors for Harley Davidson

by KiWAV
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Kiwav Axe LED Turn Signal Motorcycle Mirror is the top sellers since 2013!
  • Feature
    1. Coming with 12 pcs amber LEDs for running light and turn signals.
    2. Slightly adjustable mirror plate.
    3. Easy installation.
  • Material
    *Forged CNC milled aluminum
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Flat Lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 260 g./0.57 lbs (pair),
    g.w.: 455 g./1 lbs (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
  • Adjustment
    Fair adjustable (one adjusting joint)
  • LED
    12 PCS 12V ~13.5V (0.5W)
  • Package
    a pair ( Left hand / Right hand ) of mirror, plastic tubing x 2
*Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces.
Forged aluminum parts are stronger than a part machined by a solid block of the same material. The reason for this is that a forged part has been strain hardened through repeated impact force. Forging allows for preferential grain direction to occur as well as a refined grain boundary which leads to precipitation hardening.
Because of the small dimensions of the mirror glass, this product must only be fitted for racing or show purposes.